About Us

We are a Team of Market Research Professionals

Our mission is to help market analysts around the world to automate their mundane and repetitive tasks using the power of technologies like Data Science, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Large Language Models (LLMs). 

Advanced Search

Google search on steroids: run one-time or recurring queries from your excel files. From finding sellers of specific products to building project pipelines for lead generation, address a range of other use-cases.

Web Content Automation

Powerful no-code information extraction, automated and on-request. Aggregate the most up-to-date academic journals, company news, product portfolios, blogs and more to support your secondary research.

Competitive Intelligence Tracker

Automated tracking of financials, product/technology developments, project announcements, M&A activity, talent matrix and more of all your competitors.

LinkedIn Research

Valuable insights into any company’s workforce: building a comprehensive database of industry experts, tracking and analysis of headcount by job functions, new hires, job openings and more. Our powerful Li-product suite has you covered. 


Years in Market Research Business

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Our Story

We Got Started Because We Want to Revolutionize the Way Market Research is Done

Having worked for some of the largest B2B market research firms incl. S&P Global and Omdia, and having co-founded our own boutique market research firm PTR Inc., we know the pain points and challenges as a market analyst very well.

As we embarked on our market research journeys, serving dozens of Fortune-500 clients, we started realizing that a lot of the time that we and our client teams spend as market analysts is on very mundane repetitive tasks. We saw the problem affecting our teams at PTR Inc. even more as we scaled. 

The initial thought was to create a set of tools for ourselves at PTR Inc., but we quickly made a decision to help the broader analyst community and bring these tools to market. matos.ai was born!

Meet The Founders

Hassan Zaheer

Co-Founder & CEO

Having spent more than a decade of his career in market research, Hassan is passionate about bringing tech and innovation to the old school market research industry.

Michael Sheppard

Co-Founder & CTO

Market research veteran, with a love for software development, Mike is using his experience to lead the tech team at matos to create the most efficient products for you.

Saqib Saeed

Co-Founder & CPO

Having led analyst teams working at various market research firms, Saqib is helping create the world class easy to use matos product suite through on analyst feedback.

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