supported an aspiring tutor platform that connects tutors to schools. The goal of our work was to create a turnkey sales solution to funnel leads into their CRM (hubspot).

Step 1: Extraction created extraction templates for 5 websites consisting of freelancing platforms where tutors advertise capability or post on classifieds. The sites were then set to repeat their work on a quarterly/weekly basis depending on the frequency of updates.

Step 2: Augment & Validate

As not all information for each CRM entry was present on the sites, created a series of web crawls to append additional information to complete each data row. In addition, logic checks were generated to perform validation, ensuring high quality information.

Step 3: Integrate and Automate

Categorize data under either Integrate (CRM/DM) or Build (Social Media) and integrate to customer workflows (CRM Hubspot for qualified leads and other lists if needed).


4-week timeline, 1-year of continuous updates.